Mall Shooting

Mall Shooting

A dispute between two men, with a history of drug related ‘disagreements’ involving mutual acquaintances, resulted in a fight and shooting in the car park at the Gardens Mall.

A young man claims he was punched in the face as he walked towards the Mall with his mother, according to Police reports. He went on to claim that his assailant threatened to get his gun.

The man who was punched, has further claimed his assailant had threatened to get his gun, so he himself went to his car to get his weapon in order to protect both himself and his mother.

However, evidence from the Mall’s own video surveillance, appears to contradict the self-defense claim but he maintained that he had to shoot, in order to protect his mother.

The two men knew one another from Palm Beach Lakes High School. The man who launched the punch claims the other man was making intentionally offensive comments about him and admits hitting him.

He says he heard the other man’s mother shout ‘shoot him’ as he ran to the car, although she denies it.

No one was hit by gunfire but the ‘victim’s’ Audi was left with several bullet holes and had the back window shot out.

Fourteen shell casings were found at the scene but only 8 bullet holes were found in the Audi.

The ‘victim’ received a notice to appear on a charge of misdemeanor battery and was released on his recognizance.

As is often the case, Social Media exploded with rumors. Many shared posts claimed the shooting was inside the Mall and that there had been multiple injuries.

For WPTV Ch5 News, Alan Crowetz, said that if you hear from a brother’s third cousin’s niece, who happens to work at the location of an incident, you should check out the facts before continuing to share the information.

Alan is Ch5’s Cybersecurity Expert. He says it is very important to ‘question’ information posted on social media. He says we should be paranoid about its accuracy because it can be very dangerous. If you post a message telling people to flee the mall when in fact they should be staying inside, then you are potentially putting people’s lives at risk.