Computer/Network Engineer

We are looking for a computer/network engineer!

InfoStream is looking for our next superstar! If you can make computers and servers perform like you were directing a symphony… if you want to work for a firm that has insanely loyal clients who are fantastic to work with… if you want to work with a firm that appreciates loyalty and pays it back many times over... if you want a place that is fun and flexible… you may be who we are looking for!


This position will include the following duties at a minimum:

  1. Driving to any one of several client offices in Palm Beach County to perform various ad-hoc technical services.
  2. Designing and engineering unique IT solutions, and then implementing them.
  3. Explaining solutions and ideas that will save our clients’ money, time, and make their lives easier.
  4. Handling remote customer support requests.


You should have at least 4 years of experience working in a successful IT service company, corporate helpdesk, or similar environment.

The successful applicant will possess the following skills:

  1. A dynamic and engaging personality.
  2. A "Customer is King" philosophy and mindset.  If you don't like serving people and cheerfully solving their problems, this is probably not the job for you.
  3. The ability to be punctual.  Someone who believes 8:30 really means 8:20.
  4. The unusual ability to be obsessive, anal retentive, and detail oriented - without anyone actually realizing you are and wanting to start an intervention.
  5. You should be a master of Windows based technology.  This includes the ability to intuitively troubleshoot a wide array of hardware and software within a Windows environment.  In-depth experience with Windows Desktops, Windows Server and Server Apps is required.
  6. Multi-tasking - the ability to walk, talk, chew bubblegum, and potentially perform three remote support sessions at the same time.
  7. The ability to cheerfully take ownership of a problem even if you did not cause it and even if it has nothing to do with IT services.
  8. The diplomacy skills of a United Nations Diplomat on an empty rice truck in Darfur.  This includes the ability to apologize to a client for a problem and immediately solve it rather than arguing with them regardless of the circumstance or fault.
  9. The ability to design and execute a plan better than NASA.
  10. The fashion sense to know that white socks do not go with black pants unless you are Michael Jackson.  Truthfully, they didn't look good on MJ either, and it's not the 80's anymore.
  11. The desire to have a professional and polished image and to continuously improve it.
  12. The ability to write and speak clearly and to be able to explain complex topics simply.

You must:

  1. NOT be a job hopper. We are looking to invest in you and have a long term successful relationship for BOTH of us.
  2. Have server disaster recovery experience.
  3. Be a non-smoker.
  4. Have a good reliable automobile.
  5. Be free of any visible body art or body modifications. (Your momma warned you!)
  6. Have a decent wardrobe or be willing to purchase one.  We are a "business casual" workplace meaning long-sleeve shirts, dress pants, dress shoes, etc.  If you don't own an iron, please don't apply.

Additional information:

Compensation is dependent upon experience and is higher than market standards. Plus, we try to throw in perks and make things fun.

Certifications are nice (I have them coming out of my ears), but experience reigns supreme.

If you are selected for an interview, bring your "A" game.  You will be tested on a live broken SBS server.  It will not be a "routine solution", and I will be more interested in the steps you take to solve it rather than if you actually getting it working.

Please don't waste my time and yours. If you don't have much practical experience, if you aren't fun to be around, if you can't stand up to pressure, if you change jobs every few years, if you are not looking for a long term thing, then you probably should not accept an interview.

Apply by sending your resume via email (only) to [email protected]. Be sure to tell me why you think you are a good fit. Also, be sure to put “Network Engineer” in the subject line so you can escape the spam filter.

Please do NOT call.
Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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