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Alan Crowetz - CEO, Infostream Providing IT Support West Palm Beach & Jupiter

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Palm Beach County’s go-to IT Support firm for Concierge, Affordable, Fast, and powerful Expertise Computer Support Services for Businesses.

We are all about providing you extreme service to make things better and smoother. We support and manage:

  • Servers
  • Laptops
  • Patching
  • Cyber Security
  • Wi-Fi
  • Backups
  • Strategy
  • Networking
  • Disaster Recovery
  • 24/7 IT Support
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring

...and just about anything you can think of to keep your technology working hard for you.

Professional IT services tailored for small businesses

With network security breaches at an all-time high, we are “the” firm that can quickly, affordably, and dramatically improve your firm’s security. We are even brought in to do security and strategic reviews of government and corporate IT departments.

In this day and age, you cannot afford to ignore this aspect of IT Support; one breach of security could not only lead to fines and penalties but also a backlash from your customers. Can you say that you’re doing everything possible to keep cybercriminals away? After contacting our expert team, you can confidently say that you’re putting the safety and security of your consumers first.

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Our Managed IT Services Save You Time and Money

IT Support West Palm Beach

Worry-Free Server Care & Desktop Care

For a fixed monthly cost, we will monitor your server 24/7/365, apply monthly security/critical updates in the middle of the night and do all kinds of proactive maintenance. Powerful stuff at a low, flat cost starting at $150/month.

Often, what separates average IT support services and ours is the proactive approach right through the calendar. Rather than waiting for problems to arise, our proactive approach allows us to spot small problems before they transform into something more significant. What’s more, the fact that we perform updates in the middle of the night means that you shouldn’t ever enter the office in the morning to find that you can’t be productive due to ongoing updates. Every morning, your IT systems will be ready for you.

Server Care & Desktop Care
West Palm Beach Managed IT Support

Worry-Free Backups and Disaster Recovery

Next, we handle all your data backup and disaster recovery for a flat fee. Imaging software, replicating your data onsite and offsite in the cloud, 24/7/365 monitoring and remediation, historical versions of data, regular upgrades, and testing. Nothing in IT is more critical! Wash your hands of it and let us do it all for you. Starting at only $210!

Why is this important? Well, backups are valuable because you just don’t know what will happen in the world. If a natural disaster destroyed all your equipment and systems, what would happen? With a safe backup, disaster recovery is much more efficient than if you were to forgo a backup. Without a backup, you’re essentially starting again (and nobody wants this!).

Backups and Disaster Recovery
Managed IT Support

Latest Access to the Newest Technology

Whether you know from experience or not, keeping up to date with the latest software and hardware is an expensive process. Especially for small businesses, how are you expected to continually invest in equipment when you have many other costs to manage? Thankfully, this is no longer necessary when you partner with ‘IT support near me’ such as InfoStream.

As your IT partner, we have all the latest hardware and software, and you can tap into it by working with us. Suddenly, staying up to date with the latest technology has never been so easy. With InfoStream managing equipment, hardware, and software, you now have a large portion of your budget free for more important things. For many companies, this provides the financial security that they have been yearning for.

Managed Services

Other IT services and solutions

it support palm beach county

Never worry about your IT again

With services and solutions that maximize your infrastructure and prepare your business for tomorrow Business Solutions
it support palm beach gardens

Cloud Computing Services

We can help you move to the cloud so you can take advantage of groundbreaking technology products like Office 365. Cloud Computing
IT support jupiter

IT Consulting

We take the time to understand your business and develop customized solutions that align with your goals IT Consulting

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Helping small businesses grow and stay secure - Support in West Palm Beach

When it comes to IT services, West Palm Beach company InfoStream understands that small businesses rely on powerful, innovative technology and seamless professional IT support that's highly responsive more than ever before to remain competitive in such fast-paced business environments. With over 25 years of experience, our passionate team serving West Palm Beach of IT experts has a wealth of knowledge and experience tailoring IT solutions for various industries including legal, finance, construction, land development, and more.

We use cloud technology to help you work anywhere on your laptop or mobile device. Our 24/7 IT support and other solutions are second to none, give you peace of mind, and are scalable so they grow with your business. We also provide IT support services to businesses throughout West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and Boca Raton. Business owners needing IT Services for small businesses should contact us today.

IT Support West Palm Beach

Benefits of Working with InfoStream - What Sets InfoStream Apart?

Experienced IT Engineers

Firstly, it just makes sense to go to a place that has experienced IT engineers. While you take a broken car to a garage and your teeth to a dentist for maintenance, an experienced IT support company like InfoStream is the best place for your IT requirements. We appreciate that not many businesses have the IT skills required to perform at the level required in these demanding times. Therefore, we only hire the best engineers which means that you’ll always be in good hands.

As well as diagnosing problems, our team will repair, troubleshoot, and more whenever you need. Not only do we understand current IT requirements, but we will also monitor the industry as it changes. This means that we stay up to date with the biggest threats and opportunities for businesses. We do all this hard work so that you don’t have to; instead, you can focus on growing your business and adding value to customers.

Professional Support

If you’ve ever felt as though a service hasn’t taken your concerns seriously, you’ll know how frustrating this can be. When you have a serious problem, you want to know that the services supporting you will take it just as seriously as you. Don’t worry, you have a reliable partner in InfoStream.

As an IT support company, we recognize that you rely on us to operate each day. Therefore, we take your business just as seriously as you. If you do well, we do too. If ever you have a problem, feel free to reach out as soon as possible. However, our proactive approach means that we are probably already working on a solution.

Predictable Budgeting

Another frustrating aspect of outsourcing certain services is that you don’t always know what you’re going to pay. The good news is that InfoStream has consistent monthly pricing - with this in mind, you won’t ever get any nasty surprises from your bill. When you first contact us, we’ll create a tailored package based on your needs. From here, you will receive a quote and this does not change from one month to the next (unless you decide to scale up or down, of course!).

Opportunities to Scale

In truth, this benefit comes in two varieties. From the perspective of our great services, you can scale whenever you want. For example, let’s say that your business grows (this is the goal!). As the business grows, you might decide that you need a little more support whether it’s with providing backups, helping with cloud services, or just general monitoring and maintenance. On the other hand, the pandemic is a great example of when you might want to scale down to save money. This being said, you shouldn’t scale down so far that you become vulnerable to pesky cybercriminals.

In the other sense of scaling, the fact that you use our advanced services means that you have more free time within the business. You’re not having to pull a team from marketing, sales, and accounting to handle all the IT demands. Now, they’re doing the jobs in which they excel, you have more free time, and you’ll notice a difference in performance.

24/7/365 Protection

When most businesses look for ‘IT support near me’, they look at the different services, the limited downtime, and many other benefits. However, what they often forget is to look at the operating hours. At InfoStream, we’re active 24/7/365, and we think that this is the only way to go. After all, your systems are active 24/7/365 (and so are cybercriminals!). If we stop, there’s a chance that you can get left behind.

Over the years, we’ve learned that problems don’t just arise during typical working hours. What’s more, we can’t update systems during typical working hours because this will disrupt your operation. By performing updates in the middle of the night, you will never have downtime for this reason ever again.

IT Support Services - FAQs

Can you help with cloud services?

Absolutely, cloud services are now an important part of the IT world and we can help businesses to get started with them. When used correctly, cloud services can cut costs, increase productivity, and improve security. Furthermore, you might find that they enable mobility and collaboration. If you have specific cloud service needs, just tell us when you get in touch.

What are the advantages of choosing IT support near me?

For one thing, it relieves pressure from the whole business if you don’t have IT specialists in the business already. Rather than relying on people without the right experience or training, a professional service will take over certain tasks and make your life easier. After we take pressure from you, your team can focus on more important things.

Overall, most businesses find that IT support services help them to become more productive while having to deal with less downtime. Also, it means that a trained IT specialist is only ever a phone call away. With cyber threats growing, you can keep your company protected from potential attackers. While you can never completely eradicate the threat of attacks, you can make the business unattractive to attackers.

What services do you provide?

When you work with InfoStream, you can choose between many different managed and on-demand services. Furthermore, our expert team provides IT consulting, implementation, business disaster recovery, information system auditing, PCI compliance, and more. In terms of the managed services, this includes troubleshooting, remote management and monitoring, cybersecurity, and more.

How do I get started with InfoStream?

The best thing to do is contact us when you’re ready - you don’t need to commit and you aren’t obligated to sign a huge contract after one phone call. Instead, get in touch and have a conversation about your needs. Our team will explain more about how we can help you specifically and the services that would best meet your needs.

As well as our phone number, you will also find our email address and a contact form on our website. Don’t be afraid to send a message and somebody will get back to you as soon as possible. If you decide that we’re a good match for your needs, we’ll create a tailored strategy and get the ball rolling.

How will communication work?

As a business ourselves, we hate it when other services are difficult to reach. Consequently, we make ourselves available to clients as much as possible. If ever you have a problem, you won’t have an issue reaching us. In all likelihood, our proactive approach means that we’re already working on a solution. However, if it’s a problem of which we are not aware, we prioritize smooth communication with all clients.

In fact, if you look at the top of the page, you can see a ‘Clients: Get Help Now’ button. After clicking on this, you’ll see a phone support number as well as an online support system. Once a ticket is created, a specialist IT engineer will respond as soon as possible. In emergencies, we recommend phoning the number first. If you can’t get through, try the online support system for a response. Our 24/7 IT support is second to none.

Why not reach out and get the IT services that you need today? Relieve pressure from your team, enjoy 24/7 IT support, access the latest technology, enjoy less downtime, and grow your business without having to worry about basic IT needs.

Please don’t take our word for it! See what some
of our long-term clients have to say:

  • I want to thank you guys for getting us back up so quickly yesterday and even Chris getting in his car to head here when we had a minor issue. THANKS AGAIN! ALAN you have a team of ROCKSTARS!

    Kristie Pirozzi Compliance Officer The ARC of Palm Beach County

    When I was researching a new server setup and install for a client of mine, Alan D. Crowetz, MBA, MCSE was a great resource. He answered my initial questions, provided great information and wasn’t interested in selling unnecessary contracts. I highly recommend Alan D. Crowetz, MBA, MCSE and InfoStream.

    Christine Irizarry-Amoruso CFE Real Estate Controller & Forensic Construction Accountant

  • “Best I have worked with in over 25 years. I have worked with several large & small computer consultants, but InfoStream has provided so much more. They have been providing computer consulting for us for 10 years now. I depend on them heavily for their expertise in all aspects of our computer needs. They are always coming up with new ideas to benefit our needs and ensuring we have every tool that can help our success and thrive in our industry. Your day will get so much easier when you have the best!!!”

    Diane Ledoux-Moccia, Office Manager, Ellrich, Neal, Smith & Stohlman – Service: IT Consulting Palm Beach Gardens.

    “I have done business with InfoStream for over 15 years. Alan was the go-to guy whenever we needed help; he treated us with respect and gave us quick service and solutions to our computer problems. When it came time to update, he always advised us properly and was able to save us money on our hardware. Even though Alan’s company has grown, I am still able to call him personally. It’s like having a personal friend interested in helping you solve either simple or complex problems. I highly recommend InfoStream.”

    Jay Carron, CEO, Palm Beach Lifts – Service: IT Consulting Palm Beach Gardens