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Make your computer support so much easier, quicker and more affordable!

Tired of slow support?

Does your IT person fix one problem only to create another?

Has your business been impacted by poor IT Support?

Do they show up timely as promised?

IT Services should be smooth, fast and affordable!

With managed services we not only handle issues that come up quickly, we proactively monitor and remediate problems BEFORE they become problems. Managed services allow us to improve your cybersecurity, boost your computer systems health and make your entire business run smoother!

What are Managed Services?

Managed Services are flat monthly fee services that handle one or more critical tasks. For example, InfoStream offers several managed services, under our “Worry-Free” bundles, such as:

  • Managed backups: For one flat monthly fee we provide top of the line backup software, backup your servers, check the backup health daily, remediate any issues, replicate your backups to the cloud and provide the ability to spin up your servers in the cloud.
  • Managed server patching and monitoring – Testing and applying Microsoft critical “Patch Tuesday” patches, monitoring hundreds of services and events, basic maintenance and remediation, etc.
  • Full Managed Services – Whereby for one monthly fee we do all of your maintenance and support!

And we have many other managed services to make your life much easier and to do it for a flat, predictable and budget-able rate!

Just about every firm is a strong candidate for managed services. For predictable, flat costs, they can get IT service without any surprises. Not only is the amount easy to plan for and budget, it allows firms to be proactive and ahead of problems and cybersecurity issues. Call as much as you want and your price doesn’t go up!
IT service and cybersecurity in particular, need to be Proactive not reactive. Imagine owning an expensive Lamborghini but never changing the oil, rotating the tires or taking it in for maintenance. You might feel like you are saving money monthly only to incur a massive problem that is not only brutally expensive but could result in extended IT service and cybersecurity in particular, need to be Proactive not reactive. Imagine owning an expensive Lamborghini but never changing the oil, rotating the tires or taking it in for maintenance. You might feel like you are saving money monthly only to incur a massive problem that is not only brutally expensive but could result in extended

How about your services and speed?

These days, business moves at light speed. IT Support has to be just as fast. We handle most calls immediately or shortly after being notified. When it comes to projects like installing new servers, desktops or Wi-Fi, we generally schedule things out a day or two in advance. Of course, with emergencies, everything changes and we drop everything and come running!
We do whatever is the fastest and best for you. Most issues can be fixed immediately remotely. Other issues require us to come to you to help. Every day we do a mix of remote and onsite work to insure you get fast and “concierge” service!
Yes! We do whatever is best for you and gives you the fastest results. Sometimes this is remoting in to immediately fix an issue and other times it is meeting with you to help onsite.
Yes! This is a specialty of ours. Few things are more important than cybersecurity these days. Incidents can be shockingly expensive, result in days or even weeks of downtime and often end up in penalties and lawsuits. Staying ahead of patching, remediation and strategy is easy if done before an incident.
Yes! Many industries have special programs to run their firms. We work with many unique “line of business” applications and there is a good chance we have worked with yours. If not, we have supported so many unique programs that we generally can help quickly.
We do just about every type of IT Service you can imagine. Just a few examples would be server maintenance and support, desktop troubleshooting, cybersecurity services, Wi-Fi systems, firewall configuration, backup and disaster recovery, patching, monitoring and countless other services.
We do! We can install monitoring agents on everything from servers, to desktops, to Wi-Fi and other devices to monitor and alert on issues.

Why should we use InfoStream?

Every IT firm claims they provide amazing service but don’t take our word for it, look at our testimonials. These aren’t just what clients say, they are long-term clients. Some who have worked with us for decades. Others who have gone thru many other firms before finding us.

Not only do we strive to have “concierge” service, we have experts in countless fields and we are less expensive than just about any other IT firm in Palm Beach County.

We have MCSE’s (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers) on staff. This is one of the most intense and difficult certifications to obtain. In addition, we have MBAs which help to understand business and strategic issues. But more importantly, we have been in business for nearly 30 years helping small and medium sized businesses in countless industries with just about every kind of IT need you can imagine. From Servers to Wi-Fi. From Cybersecurity to Troubleshooting.
We work with firms from 2 users to 2,000 users. Firms that have no IT people onsite to firms with IT departments. Many of our clients started as small firms and have grown to large firms.
As far as we know, we are THE Least expensive IT firm in the area. However, that is not our primary focus. We want you to get the best value possible of course but we want you to have incredible service, get problems resolved fast and to be THE best firm in ANY area you have every worked with. We truly want to be partners in your success!
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We are small and medium sized business experts that work in tons of areas! We work a lot with CPAs, Non-Profits, Engineers, Landscape Architects, Attorneys, Retailers and far too many industries to list here!

What’s it like working with us?

Yes! We would love to collaborate and brainstorm with you. Tell us about what keeps you up at night, or what problem you are having or perhaps you want to run an idea by us. Just give us a call or email us!
We work with in-house IT people and teams all the time! It’s the best of both worlds. You get a ready available person in house to give you instant support while you have immense expertise for backup support and strategic issues!
We have tons of ways to get help so that it is most convenient for YOU. You can call us. Or if it is more convenient you can simple shoot of an email to our support email account. If you want details of every ticket you have ever asked us to work on you can login to your custom client portal. We want it to be easy and quick for you to get help!

What can we do to permanently put an end to your IT problems?

We are Less Expensive and Better… and we even have proof! Why would you go anywhere else??

Don’t take our word for it. Just check with our long-term, fiercely loyal clients!
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These aren’t firms in the honeymoon stage. These are long-term clients. Many have been clients for decades!

Many we have rescued from painful situations. We are all about YOU.

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