About Us

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InfoStream was founded in 1994 to help SMBs in Florida get the most out of their business technology. Over the years we've helped many organizations relieve their technology worries so they can concentrate on growing their businesses and realizing their goals.

Alan Crowetz is the President and CEO of InfoStream, Inc., and works to ensure InfoStream 's services provide you with peace of mind for both your technology and your budget. We realize that first-class service at an affordable price is just as important as being able to meet your business goals.

Our strong background in a wide variety of business models and processes allows us to find the "right" solution for you. Not the biggest, most cutting-edge or cheapest, but rather one that meets your needs, cost effectively for the long term.

InfoStream puts your focus back on your business with our:

  • Microsoft Small Business Specialist Certification - in recognition of our ability to deliver industry-proven solutions and services
  • Registered Microsoft Partner status - designates our expertise with Microsoft technologies
  • Skilled technology experts - experienced engineers who view themselves as an extension of your business
  • 24 X 7 help and support - help is only a phone call away

InfoStream's services are focused on providing the business tools that small businesses need to compete, providing affordable technology designs based on business requirements. When it comes to IT, we look at the bottom line. How much is this going to make you or save you?

Find out how our experienced professionals can turn your technology investments
into a powerful business advantage.