Cloud Computing West Palm Beach

Cloud Computing for business in Palm Beach County: Worry-Free even in a hurricane!

E-mail has become even more critical to small businesses then their phones. Ensuring up time, handling larger and larger databases and making sure it is all backed up has become increasingly complex. All of that burden can now easily be shifted to the cloud to reduce costs and let you stay worry-free no matter what.

With InfoStream’s Worry-Free Cloud Computing Services in West Palm Beach you get:

  • Super secure, redundant, actively managed by Microsoft mail services – The very people that created Exchange are managing it for you 24/7.
  • Disaster Preparedness – Hurricane? Server room burn down? Internet outage? You mail is still fully functional from home or another location.
  • Integrated Cloud Services – In addition to e-mail, you can have document sharing, Microsoft Office Apps, web conferencing and your own website in the cloud.
  • Cheap, fixed costs – Tons of storage per user! One monthly cost even as your data grows, no worrying about backups, storage, upgrades or maintenance.

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Why Infostream?

We are also rolling out Cloud services like full Exchange mail in the cloud. For a low flat fee (example: $5/month per user for a huge Exchange mailbox with all the perks) your mail is kept safe even if your firm goes down or after a hurricane. You get constant upgrades without all of the headaches and large costs.

You get a ton of storage per user and can even turn on archiving for a fraction of the cost of trying to do that in-house. All the while you get all the perks of having Exchange’s Fortune 500 class services without all the headaches. Works with iPhones, Android and Blackberry’s too. Because of the demand for this service, we do have a short waiting list that is first come first serve, so if you want any information, be sure to call.

According to a study done by The Radicati Group, A typical business user sent and received about 110 email messages daily.