The Metaverse explained: How it could affect your business

We’re beginning to hear more and more about the Metaverse and the many ways we’ll be using it over the coming years. But is it something you should be starting to consider now? What benefits will it have for your business? And will you need to adapt to keep up?

Our latest video explains what the Metaverse is and how it could affect you.

Could Artificial Intelligence be a real threat to our jobs?

Alan appeared on WPTV ‘s To The Point discussing how artificial intelligence could be putting our jobs at risk.

He said explained how artificial intelligence can ‘write’ research papers, on absolutely any subject matter, to graduate-level. He went on to say that you can specify the length of the article, if you want it to include references and research points.

Learn to talk tech with our IT Jargon Buster

Does IT jargon feel like an alien language? We steer clear of tech talk as much as possible when we’re working with our clients. But next time you need help with an IT issue, it could save you a lot of time if you have a few words of lingo in your locker.

That’s why we’ve created our new, free IT Jargon Buster. It’s a great A-Z of just some of the terms you might hear when you’re talking with an IT expert.