Email Security

Email: We all think it’s a pain but also rely on it all day, every day. BUT… it’s putting every business (including yours) at a huge risk of data breach.

Why? Because 90% of cyber security attacks start in your inbox. Here are some stats to share with your team (and my advice on how to keep your business safe).

Florida’s Social Media Bill

As a cybersecurity expert, Alan was interviewed by WPTV Chanel 5 News and asked his views on Florida’s social media bill.

The bill is due to come into effect on January 1 2025. Under the bill children of 14 or 15 will need their parents’ permission to be on most social media sites and younger children will be banned.

Why you’re better in a contract with your IT company

Whether it’s suspected malware, a data breach, or a computer that refuses to connect to anything, chances are it’s going to cause you and your team downtime.

And if you only have a break/fix relationship with your provider (that’s where you only call them when there’s a problem), it’s going to mean unexpected costs, lots of waiting, and stress. Plenty of stress.