Meet our Unicorn Hunter

Meet our Unicorn Hunter

The InfoStream team has been joined by "Norma Anne Chattin", a human resources and talent scouting professional.

We are known to be ‘picky’ with the clients we take on new clients and are equally very selective when we recruit people to join our team.

InfoStream is growing

InfoStream is growing

We have recently been joined by our latest team member, "Brandon Mildner", who is our new Technical Engineer.

Brandon has worked on the frontlines of major remote support companies helping a wide mix of people with their computers. He has been studying computers for the past 15 years and is excited to grow within the team at InfoStream, continuing his ongoing education and training with the best in South Florida.

How well do you know your network?

You’ve worked with it for years.  You know more about it than you do about your favorite pet.  But do you really know your network?  How many user accounts do you have that are no longer in use?  Do you know how many times you’ve installed your licensed software?  Have you recently looked into those errors on your workstations? Sometimes all of those little details can seem overwhelming.

Now Offering Nights and Weekends

InfoStream prides itself on providing the highest quality service possible. We are constantly evaluating our support options and adjusting how we operate to ensure we are doing everything we can to keep client networks running smoothly and efficiently. While historically we have limited our services to standard business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM), that has now changed.

Are you ready for hurricane season?

Nobody wants to hear about it or think about it, but the fact of the matter is hurricane season is upon us. Hurricane season officially started on June 1st and runs through November 30th in the Atlantic. While risking sounding like a home improvement store commercial, are you prepared for hurricane season? Hurricane preparedness for your business IT systems consists of a proper disaster recovery plan.

InfoStream Gets An Upgrade!

Following a series of successful training seminars, many tests and various other goals set by Dell, InfoStream is now a Dell Preferred Partner! Less than 3% of Dell’s certified partners are Preferred Partners so we are honored to be recognized. This opportunity allows InfoStream to continue improving the quality of support we provide our clients.

We want YOU in our next newsletter!

You have the expertise. Its very likely you have some great tips and ideas too. So why not get published? We are looking to hear and share about how you do things for our next newsletter. It could be anything which might be of interest to our subscribers - even if its about your own business (free promotion!). All you have to do is give us a short sentence or two about one of these or something else you think might be helpful: What do you like most about your computer/network? What has InfoStream done for you that you just love? How do you use your computer(s) to grow your business or make work easier or more fun? If you think you can give our subscribers some help by giving out great advice, then you might even consider writing the whole article for us! Let us know so we can share your great ideas with others and give you the credit for it.

Worry-Free Network Care

By popular request, we would like to introduce you to InfoStream’s new Worry-Free Care Program! For a fixed monthly cost, we will take over a major portion of monitoring and maintaining your computer network at a fixed, predictable cost. In addition we are including up to four limited support incidents per month.