Infostream’s Client Portal

Infostream’s Client Portal

Probably not all of you are as yet aware of the fact, that we now have our own client portal. If not, you really need to ask us to create an account for you and give you access to it. It is totally free and could prove invaluable to you, our clients.

Simply put, it’s by far the most time effective way of getting help. Unlike emailing one of the engineers direct, who might well be off work that day, home sick or on vacation and as a result, very likely, not monitoring his email, creating a ticket on the portal yourself, will ensure that the first available engineer can begin working on it far quicker.


Having created your ticket, you can then follow its progress, communicate with the engineer or leave comments/observations, right up until the issue is resolved.


Any number of people in your firm can be granted access to the portal provided they are authorized by you, to instruct us.

A ticket can be opened at any hour of the day, on any day of the week, whenever is good for you to do so. Once you have created a ticket, you will receive an email every time your engineer has worked on your issue. In this way, you can follow every step along the way, see which engineer is working on it and even communicate with them as they progress on your ticket.

The portal also enables you to view your entire ticket history.

It puts you firmly in the driving seat.

If you aren’t already using it, ask any one of us to create an account for you. It is the way forward, so please, help us to help you, faster.