Don’t Wait to Update Your Devices

Don’t Wait to Update Your Devices

There’s an app for your New Year's resolution

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Here are a few more ideas for securing your identity and finances in a scammer and hacker filled cyber-world. Look no further than your smartphone for one great tip.

Your smartphone will prompt you when software or app updates are available and so should your laptop or computer desktop operating system. You really need to pay attention and use the free updates. Ignoring them can prove extremely costly.

Alan Crowetz, WPTV tech expert from InfoStream, says: “These updates are very important. Countless breaches and attacks have already been fixed (with updates) but there are some people who have not applied the fix yet.”

Alan also recommends using antiviral programs to keep the gremlins away. In short, like so much talked about this week, there are many simple solutions to securing your life on the internet and they are all easily within reach. Don’t let someone take advantage of YOU. You should take advantage of all the available options.