There’s an app for your New Year’s resolution

There’s an app for your New Year’s resolution

There’s an app for your New Year's resolution

If you made a New Year’s resolution it may interest you to know that there’s probably an app for that.

Are you already well into the download frenzy to keep track of your new goals? You need to know that you should be making safety a priority.

Your resolution may evolve around getting fit. If so you are in luck as there is a plethora of apps for that.

According to one cycling enthusiast, having an app give that extra bit of motivation. He uses Strava which according to him is the Facebook of cycling. This app tracks not just your ride but your average speed, and much more, enabling you to share it and compete with other cyclists.

Basically, if it isn’t on Strava, it didn’t happen.

However, fitness might not be your main focus. You might plan to learn to play a musical instrument. Well there’s an app for that too.

According to a music instructor, the technology revolution has made it so easier for people to learn to play an instrument.

Incorporating apps in his music lessons, he says the apps work well if you’re playing on an instrument or it you’re playing on your phone or tablet.

Whatever the goal you’re trying to achieve using technology WPTV Internet Security Expert Alan Crowetz warns that you should be cautious about what you’re downloading.

He says before downloading, ask yourself the question if it’s a reputable app.

Alan also says you should pay attention to the permissions you are granting the app as well as the type of information it needs from you.

He says that an app to learn to play the guitar shouldn’t need to know your geographical location whereas a fitness app is going to need your location if you are jogging, cycling or anything similar.

By going to settings and finding the app, you can always see what permissions you’ve granted. Once in the app, you can see if it is getting information on your location, accessing your camera and or microphone and you can make changes if you need to.