Cyberattack aimed at Wellington Regional Medical Center

NBC News has reported that one of the region’s biggest hospital chains which includes Wellington Regional Center, has been the subject of one of the largest medical cyberattacks in US History.

There has been no response to requests for comment but a statement was posted on Universal Health Services’ website on Monday saying that its entire network is offline, due to an IT security issue.

Security Concerns over new Snap Maps

Security Experts warn Snapchat users about the new Snap Maps feature.

According to some, the ever popular Snapchat app is sailing into choppy waters.

Not all users are aware that those who follow you on the new ‘Snap Maps’ can actually see your location, down to the street.

Encryption makes my data secure and that’s a good thing,….right?

written by Henry Verlander

One of the most significant differences in the types of data traveling the internet today is whether the data is encrypted and not encrypted. The difference is a critical security issue, but would you believe that encryption could possibly be a bad thing! Perhaps you have seen the warnings that some internet browsers will pop-up to you, telling you that your data might be visible to others.