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For one low, flat fee, we take away all of THE most critical IT worry!

When business owners are asked how positive they are about their current data backup solution, most of them are quite confident. However, most firms will be surprised to find they have a potential nightmare on their hands when (not “if”) they have a disaster. The quality of their data backup solution is what determines whether or not their business weathers a data loss event -- because when it's gone, it's usually gone for good. It’s essential that you have a reliable backup and recovery solutions in place. When your vital business data goes south -- and it's likely that at some point it will -- your profits and productivity will go south right along with it. Everything from human errors and viruses to botched updates and equipment malfunctions can easily jeopardize data integrity, so you have to be vigilant.

Studies have revealed that approximately 93 percent of firms that experience data loss for 10 or more days filed for bankruptcy within one year.

Prevent your company from becoming another statistic with InfoStream's Cloud Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions. Our experts monitor your network to ensure the protection of sensitive business data at all times. And thanks to the many features of cloud computing, if something goes wrong, your data can be recovered in no time.

InfoStream’s Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery services help with:

  • Protecting all of your current and archived data
  • Reducing the cost of cloud-based true-image backups
  • Performing hourly system snapshots
  • Carrying out cloud boot-ups in the event of an emergency
  • Enhancing overall network security to establish peace of mind

For one fixed, flat monthly fee of $210 we can take all of these problems away. We can back you up, replicate it offsite, monitor it 24/7, give you emergency backup systems and keep you current and safe. One flat charge and the problems go away! Call us to get started: 561-968-0046

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