Amazon Web Services (AWS):
The TOP of the Cloud!

Amazon let’s small and medium sized businesses use the same million dollar technology that the Fortune 500 Global firms use. Super powerful, incredibly reliable, prices that are ridiculously cheap and actually dropping steadily even more!

Are you on Amazon Web Services? Would you like to use AWS?

Why use AWS? (aka: Cool Stuff!)

  • Easy way to put your entire firm in the world’s most powerful “Cloud”
  • Super-fast, unlimited internet connection
  • Globally redundant, secure, powerful and on the very backbone of the internet.
  • Costs that go Down and not up!
  • No worries about disaster recovery, theft of your equipment, scaling up your storage/servers/power, no more huge upgrades
  • Predictable costs
  • Terminal server (RDP) allow user to work anywhere from any device
  • Compatible with web apps like Microsoft Office, Intuit QuickBooks and more

How we can help!

  • We can move your entire firm to the cloud with Amazon Web Services!
  • We can move just some of your firm or your data there too
  • We can setup backup and disaster recovery of your Amazon systems and automate it for you
  • Get licenses for Microsoft Office, RDP, Windows Licenses super cheap by using Microsoft’s SPLA licensing where you rent what you need
  • Help you use and understand the different types of storage: S3, EBS and Glacier
  • We can help secure it using things like two factor authentication (2FA) and tracking who tries to access anything.
  • We can setup RD Web – Give your users a website that gives them access to everything easily.
  • Help you move and decide between different instance types to optimize memory, CPU and other resources
  • We can tweak and improve your Amazon systems
  • Along with Help & Support, we also provide Training for Amazon Web Services.

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