Cybersecurity for Businesses

"The absolute worst thing you can do is ignore it. You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube afterwards." – Alan D. Crowetz

You are under attack. Statistically, it’s just a matter of time before someone gets into your computer systems.

  • Attacks are the worst they have ever been.
  • The bad guys are pulling further ahead of the good guys.
  • Small businesses are the #1 target!
  • Even a baby steps can make a huge difference.

So what should you do?

Just noticing security is a huge step as so many businesses never even think to ask. The first, and easiest step is to review your security. Where are you ok and what doors need locking? What is most dangerous and most urgent?

Amazingly, a lot of the biggest weaknesses take very little to fix. We call them “Low hanging fruit”. Where the cost and time are low, but the rewards are big.

You have a couple of options:

Call us at 561.968.0046 or email: [email protected] if you would like us to review your security or simply have some questions we can help with.

To get our free security checklist, simply click the link below:

We can help! You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money. Just reviewing and making some progress can save your bacon! See below for a free checklist.

What happens when they get in?

  • Ransom: They scramble (encrypt) every single one of your files and your backups. Then hold you for ransom. No one can work and there is no guarantee if you pay they will unencrypt them. This happens very frequently.
  • Reputation: This make you look bad. Another very common thing is that they contact every one of your customers, staff and vendors and trick them into stealing their money or damaging their network. They aren’t just pretending to be you… it IS coming from your accounts.
  • Your Life’s Savings: They empty your bank/investment/retirement account. And your bank will not reimburse you if they got in from YOUR own computer.
  • Gov’t Fines: There are large state and federal fines. You are required to disclose every breach to gov’t and to every customer. There are fines for every record stolen which gets very expensive very quickly. Even if it is just names or addresses… that counts.
  • Lawsuits: If your customer data leaks or if your system is used to damage someone else’s, there are financial consequences and you can’t argue it isn’t your fault.
Do it yourself:OR Let us do it for you:

Use our free checklist below to review key security areas and decide what areas you want to improve in what order. We can come out, go over key areas and report back to you. We can also help you identify what to work on first and help
you FIX things! We can give you a summary report and track progress to make it easy for you!

Click Here to Get your Free Security Checklist

Any progress at all beats ignoring your security!

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