TV Expert

How to get on the news as an expert

An incredibly powerful way to market your business and be seen as “The” Expert in your field is to be interviewed as an expert on the news. It’s shockingly easy to do this! I’ve put together a series of very short videos that explain why this is so amazing and powerful, how to get on the TV News, what to expect, how to prepare and how to maximize the value you get from it. You can also email me with any questions or for some free advice!


Part I – Why be an Expert on the TV News?

(3 minutes)

It’s WAY easier than you’d think and it pays so many amazing dividends. You might be surprised just how easy and powerful this is!


Part II – How to Get Your First Interview

(4½ minutes)

You might be surprised how many hot topics you can talk about on TV for your profession. Whether you are a plumber or a CPA. A retail store or an attorney. You have expert advice and insight to share!


Part III – What to Expect

(2 minutes)

So you got your first interview! Now what? Here is what to expect and some hot tips to make it a breeze.


Part IV – How to Prepare

(4½ minutes)

How do you prepare for your interview? What tips make it easier and more effective? This video gives you insight on how to prepare and make it go even smoother.


Part V – What to do After the Interview

(3 minutes)

You did your first interview! Now what should you do? How do you get the most bang for your buck? What the last video to see how to maximize your results!

If you would like some advice or help with this, shoot me an email at [email protected] I love to help! I can help you come up with hot and interesting ideas!

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I hope this proves to be exciting and powerful!