Expert Witness Service

Decades of diverse experience, degrees, top certficiations and auditing experience available with a phone call.

There are lots of critical qualities needed in an Expert Witness and we can deliver. Alan Crowetz is the CEO of a highly acclaimed computer consulting firm, with an MBA, numerous top level computer certifications, and enormous amounts of experience in an untold number of scenarios. He publicly speaks, has lectured at two different universities and “gets” the big picture.

Clear and comprehensive results from a leading expert.

  • Excellent communication skills – regularly lecturing, having taught at two different universities, etc.
  • Credentials – An MBA, MSCE, MCSA, MCP just to name a few
  • Expertise – Regularly jumps into unfamiliar situations, quickly gets the big picture and provides clear answers
  • Experience – Decades of IT work and auditing in countless scenarios.
  • Honors – 2010 Outstanding MBA Alumni, Palm Beach Atlantic University

Everything you could want in an expert without hassle. Get the expert with the answers and the results.

Are you looking for the ideal IT expert?