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Free Utilities for Nonprofits

“Nonprofits deal with some of the most sensitive and critical data in the business world. Security is no longer an option but a legal and costly issue. Nonprofits require uptime, flexibility and simply can NOT lose data. Where do you stand? Find out for free!”

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Free Self-Assessment Checklist

Get an idea of the health and security of your IT network. What is up to par and what isn’t. Quick and easy self-assessment document designed for CEOs, managers and professionals to find out the basics of what you should be asking your IT staff and where you stand. Yours for the asking!

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deep dive professional audit

Deep Dive – Professional Audit Tool

We send you (our free) a powerful and expensive utility to run on your network (or if you prefer, we can remote in and do it with you). We then compile the raw data into a series of comprehensive and valuable reports. Similar IT audits can cost over $2,000 but we will do this for you for free!

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