IT Services for Nonprofits

IT Services for Nonprofits

We “get” Nonprofits!

Very few companies use computer tech as hard as nonprofits do. Even fewer IT firms understand your needs.

In a nonprofit, the only thing worse than losing your sensitive data is your computer system not working properly. What does it cost you when employees cannot work for hours/days? Or when your donor or members confidential data is publicly leaked?

Nonprofits have intense and unique IT/computer needs:

  • You have deadlines and can’t afford downtime
  • You use unique, demanding apps that require lots of updates
  • You deal with some of the most sensitive data in the business world**
  • You do not just have to worry about your own security but you also have to protect every donor's and member's data
  • You have a lot of liability and risk
  • You have unique and demanding disaster recovery needs
** “There are real risks to your nonprofit's own data security as well as to its donors, and individuals it serves” – National Council of Nonprofits
“For most nonprofits, it’s the small stuff that leads to lost or stolen data”. – The Nonprofit Times

We are THE IT firm for Nonprofits in Palm Beach County.
We want to be your most trusted and valuable partner.

We understand Nonprofits’ specialized needs and know how to deliver. Your computer systems are mission-critical to your work. We partner with you to identify the best options for your needs and budget. Let us show you how you can get more done in less time and keep things secure.

A little bit about us:

  • 24 years of IT excellence.
  • Long-term (20+ year) client relationships
  • MBAs, MCSEs and other top talent
  • We are the firm other firms call when they are stuck
  • We Love Nonprofits!
  • LESS expensive than most firms
  • Regularly used as expert on TV (NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS)
  • Fixed rate bundles or pay as you go - whatever is best for YOU
  • NO Contracts
  • Our reputation and testimonials are everything

IT Services for Nonprofits

Some of our Nonprofit specific expertise:

  • Grants available to YOU for technology improvements
  • Security!**
  • Working from home/road
  • Auditing
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Patching (even middle of the night)
  • Redundancy/Uptime
  • Upgrades
  • Maintenance & 24/7 monitoring/remediation
  • Strategic planning
  • Programs unique to nonprofits
  • Speed/Performance
  • BETTER value than in-house IT w/ more expertise

A few related testimonials...

I would never use anyone else.

Jonathan Goldberg,
Palm Beach Cancer Institute


Dr. James Goldenberg,
JEM Research Institute

Unrivaled personal integrity

F. Dale Maddox,
Tenant Hospital

I usually get an answer immediately, or always within a few minutes.

Cindy Miller,
First Presbyterian Church of North Palm Beach

Quality of service is superb

Andrea Garcia,
Site Manager,
Metabolic Research Institute

They know how to COMMUNICATE what they are talking about

John Ripley,
Executive Director,
Palm Beach Preservation Foundation

I don't want anybody but InfoStream to fix our issues. Best thing we ever did was to meet you! It has been a win win situation. I told you we were a nonprofit and you have done everything in your power to work with us. Excellent employees and top notch work. I will go nowhere else!

Stephanie Smith,
Executive Director,
Lake Worth Playhouse

We consider ourselves very fortunate to work with our IT management company, InfoStream

Karen Hilo,
Executive Director
Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County

We so appreciate our partnership with you.

Frances McGinn,
Media & Technology,
St. Juliana Catholic School, West Palm Beach

We want to be there for you! You can even call us for free to strategize, ask a question, or tell us about your situation. We even have free checklists and guides we can send you. Thank you for your time.