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Some free and helpful goodies from Palm Beach County computer firm InfoStream, Inc to help businesses get more from their computers! As seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX news. If we can help you with any of your computer and network needs – don’t hesitate to give us a call!


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Audit Checklist

Our very popular network checklist can be found at:


Going through this simple list can quickly identity any potentially problematic areas. it's a great way to grade your firm's computer system and document improvement.

Monthly Newsletter

Every month we send out a free newsletter. It's often full of free tips, advice, articles and news relevant to business users. You can sign up for it at:


Fun and helpful, but best of all Free!

Protection Utility

The cryptolocker attack ravaged businesses in Florida. It would hopelessly encrypt all of a firm's data and hold it hostage unless the firm paid a ransom. We have a free utility you can install on as many computers as you like (even your home computers!) etc.


This utility also blocks many dangerous attacks that can come into a firm through email.