All the benefits of using the very latest version of Windows in your business

After a four month wait, a brand new version of Windows is finally here. It’s a lot more secure, has better functionality and greater possibilities. And it looks beautiful. New PCs are now on sale with Windows 11, and the upgrade will be available for existing computers early next year. Not all machines will be able to upgrade. There are tough hardware requirements. We’ve listed them, plus the best benefits of the new Windows, in a brand new guide. It’s written so anyone can understand it.

All the benefits of using the very latest version of Windows in your business

Back in June, Microsoft made a surprise announcement: A new version of Windows was coming. Most experts had assumed that Windows 10, which was released in 2015, had many more years of life left in it. But now we know the future is Windows 11. We’re pretty excited about it – and believe you should be too. Why? Because Windows 11 has 3 major benefits:
  • It’s a lot more secure
  • It has better functionality and greater possibilities
  • And it looks beautiful ?
As always with a Microsoft launch, you can’t just press a button and upgrade to Windows 11 today. In fact, it’s not yet available for existing PCs. We’ve pulled together this guide to tell you more about Windows 11: Why you should use it and all the benefits. We’ve written this for ordinary people like you, not tech people like us.

You won’t believe how simple it is. Download your copy now.

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