Juggling too many tasks on one screen?

Juggling too many tasks on one screen?

Does it feel like your digital workspace is a cluttered mess of spreadsheets, emails, and documents?

I’ve got news for you. Windows 11 has a trick up its sleeve that could revolutionize your workflow.

Remember the Multiple Desktops feature from Windows 10? It's back in Windows 11, and it's better than ever.

Navigate to Settings -> Personalization -> Taskbar and click. Your Task View icon is ready for action.

Now, simply click it to add a new desktop.

But there's more. With Windows 11, you can now switch between these desktops smoothly. Hover over the Task View icon and select the desktop you wish to grace with your presence.

And here's the pièce de résistance: you can customize each desktop with different wallpapers, which makes it easier to identify which is for work and which is your personal desktop.

In essence, Multiple Desktops allows you to compartmentalize your digital life, increasing your productivity by leaps and bounds. Give it a try, you might find yourself wondering how you managed without it.

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