IT Services for CPAs


We “get” accounting firms!

Very few companies use computer tech as hard as CPA firms do. Even fewer IT firms understand their needs.

In a CPA firm, the only thing worse than losing your clients or employees is your computer system not working properly. What does it cost you when employees cannot work for hours/days? Assuming an average-billing rate of $200 per hour, a “short” IT outage can be very expensive, and in the busy season, that time can only be regained, by adding time onto an already late night or more work on the weekend! Your profession is well known for reliability. Is your network?

CPA practices have intense and unique IT/computer needs:

  • You have deadlines and can’t afford downtime
  • You use a lot of high-end, demanding apps that require lots of updates
  • You deal with some of the most sensitive data in the business world**
  • You do not just have to worry about your own security but also have to protect every client’s data
  • You have a lot of liability and risk**
  • You have unique and demanding disaster recovery need
** CPAs have massive exposure in a data breach: State & Federal regulations/penalties, legal claims, reputational, damage to systems – Journal of Accountancy. Small firms much more likely to be breached. Median loss is approximately $800,000. Incidents up 1,000% in last decade. Hiscox Cyber Loss incidents adding up for accounting firms.

We are THE IT firm for CPAs in Palm Beach County.
We want to be your most trusted and valuable partner.

We understand CPAs’ specialized needs and how to deliver. Your computer systems are mission-critical to your work. We partner with you to identify the best options for your needs and budget. Let us show you how we can help you increase billable hours - and your bottom line.

A little bit about us:

  • 24 years of IT excellence.
  • Long-term (20+ year) client relationships
  • MBAs, MCSEs and other top talent
  • We are the firm other firms call when they are stuck
  • We Love CPAs!
  • LESS expensive than most firms
  • Regularly used as expert on TV (NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS)
  • Fixed rate bundles or pay as you go - whatever is best for YOU
  • NO Contracts
  • Our reputation and testimonials are everything


Some of our CPA specific expertise:

  • Security!**
  • Working from home/road
  • Auditing
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Patching (even middle of the night)
  • Redundancy/Uptime
  • Upgrades
  • Maintenance & 24/7 monitoring/remediation
  • Strategic planning
  • Tax/Audit/Family Office/Bookkeeping apps
  • Speed/Performance
  • BETTER value than in-house IT w/ more expertise

A few related testimonials...

...over 15 years and never once in that time have they disappointed us.

Scott Porter, CPA
Senior Partner
Caler Donten Levine Cohen Porter Veil, CPA, PA

It may take just 2 minutes via remote or 10 hours with the server, but they see it through.

Joan Cheesman,
Duffy’s Sports Grill

Unrivaled personal integrity.

F. Dale Maddox,
Tenant Hospital

Always professional, always quick response, always pleasant, always get the job done.

Karen Hilo,
Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County

I am completely impressed and happy.

Diane Ledoux-Moccia
Firm Manager
Ellrich, Neal, Smith & Stohlman, PA

We frequently recommend them to clients.

Dana Thomas Partner,
Thomas & Clough, CPA, P.A.

They are very professional, super-efficient, extremely knowledgeable and ALWAYS go above and beyond. They have assisted us with emergency situations during the night and on weekends so it did not disrupt our office during busy tax seasons.

Michele Farley,
Firm Manager
S.Barrie Godown, PA

We want to be there for you! You can even call us for free to strategize, ask a question, or tell us about your situation. We even have free checklists and guides we can send you. Thank you for your time.