Get a FREE Flip HD Video Camera!

We’re not just having a contest… we are having TWO contests!  You have two ways to win a Flip High Definition Video Camera: (1) Be one of the first two people to refer us a new client or (2) whoever can get the most people to sign up for our Free newsletter.

Free Health Check Utility

Acronis has a new utility that is completely free and checks your servers or even your desktops hard drives health. You can learn about it and download it here:

It checks several areas of health and gives you an easy summary. It also can proactively run in the background to keep an eye on things for you.

InfoStream’s Fixed Price Menu

Did you know that most financial and IT audits require a completed full server test restore every 12 months? If your offices burned down one night, are you sure you can restore your server? Even to a different model? Are you sure your data will be there or will it be a Business Ending Event?

We offer full server disaster recover testing for a flat fee.