Lots of Powerful Office Tricks and Tips!

Want to see something pretty neat? We created a collection of short but powerful Microsoft Office training videos.

Tips and tricks for doing things faster, better, easier, and more efficiently. We have sections for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and Outlook.

New features and functions in MS Excel 2021 for Windows

Businesses use Microsoft Excel to record sales, manage finances, and track inventory levels, among other activities. The new version of Microsoft Excel for Windows offers some great new features and functions that will make your life easier.
Features exclusive to Excel 2021 for Microsoft 365
The following new features are available for Excel for Microsoft 365, but not its long-term servicing channel (LTSC) version, which was formerly known as the “perpetual license” version.

How Managed IT Services Can Save You Money

Managing all of the aspects of a small business can become complicated and involves a balance of many different aspects. By outsourcing tasks that are better managed by someone else, such as hiring a local managed IT service provider, your company can save money on having in-house IT departments while still having access to the required services and support.

Does Website Page Speed Improve Conversion For A Palm Beach Businesses?


If you keep an eye on SEO tips, you’ll see that website page speed is always under the microscope. People say that improving your page speed will lead to all sorts of excellent results, but will it generate improved sales and conversions? As one of the premier managed IT service providers in West Palm Beach, we feel it’s our duty to not only provide you server-side support when you need it, but also share helpful tips like these to make sure your business is visible on the web when people are searching for you.

Why Office Delve is essential for SMBs

Indeed, since its initial release, Microsoft 365 has helped many companies improve productivity, collaboration, and efficiency. Bringing all these benefits together is Microsoft’s Office Delve.
What is Office Delve?
Office Delve is a cloud-based data solution, file hub, enterprise social network, and collaborative tool developed using Microsoft Graph.

Hot off the press… Cool Office tricks and tips!

We just posted another batch of free training videos and exciting tips and tricks!

These are for the most popular Office programs like Word, Excel, Teams, etc.  The last batch was super popular so we made more.

You can get the summary page here:  Tips and Tricks Videos  (https://www.