How to Make Your Windows 10 Computer Run Faster: 7 Tips

We’ve all wished our computer was a little faster at one time or another. So here are some tips on how to give your Windows 10 computer a tune-up for little or no money.

But first, a disclaimer. As always, before changing settings or making any changes, you should be sure you have multiple, good backups, just in something goes wrong.

Can Home Security Cameras Be Hacked?

At this time of year, with packages being delivered, many people are reliant on their security cameras to protect their homes. However, the thieves may be one step ahead of the technology.

Lake Worth resident Kristen Carr has been watching surveillance footage of her Lake Worth home, over and over, after she claims her bicycle was stolen from her front yard.

Do You Know Who Your Kids Are Talking To Online?

A lot of parents constantly ask themselves who their kids are talking to online and just what they are talking about.

Especially since the arrest this week of 24yr old Michael Wilson on 32 counts of possessing child pornography.

Indian River County Sheriff’s Office Deputies say that he acquired the material from the popular game app, ‘Discord’. The app allows friends to talk and chat outside the game.

Trash it!

Do you have any computers with Windows 7 (or, gulp, Win8) on them anywhere in your business? Time’s up! Give them the boot! Don’t wait until tomorrow. Find them today.

The deadline is finally here. Microsoft is ending support. That means no more monthly security patches at the very least.