Is Your Car At Risk of Being Hacked?

We have all heard about home and business devices being hacked, but did you ever think that your car could be hacked too? With increasingly advanced technology in our cars, there is inevitably more vulnerability.

Alan Crowetz, WPTVs internet and security expert, took us on a drive in his fully equipped car and somewhat ironically, he warned just how easy it would be for the technology to be hacked.

Welcome James Jeffries

James Jeffries
Network Engineer

We are very happy to welcome our latest superstar, James Jeffries who joined us earlier this month.

Born and raised in Syracuse New York, James has been working in the IT field since 1998 – he’d been looking for a challenging career and his interest in technology attracted him make a career in IT.

He likes helping clients find and manage solutions that allow their business to grow while maximizing functionality.

A No Brainer…

The #1 target for hackers, all of a sudden, is to login to any employee’s email. There are so many ways for them to steal money doing this, it’s an irresistible target. Moreover, it is soooo easy for them to break in, in this way.

Before I share our hot tip on how to catch them red-handed, let me share just a few of the actual successful, recent ways we have seen the bad guys steal money.

Windows 7 Warning

Does your company have any Windows 7 or 8 computers? How about Office 2007 or 2010?

Microsoft is ending support for most of these as of December 31, 2019. That means no more security patches and other critical updates. That means it will be dangerous to have these within your organization.

Keep Eyes On The Road And Your Hands On The Wheel

It is now illegal in Florida to text while you are driving, however, there are other ways to send a text without breaking the law, and still keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

If you absolutely have to send a text message, or check through your phone, the safest thing to do, is still to pull over into a gas station or a parking area.