2019 – The year of crippling attacks…

If you aren’t improving security, you REALLY should be.

Attacks on small and medium business have skyrocketed in 2018. The damage caused in each attack has become worse. It is extremely expensive to be hacked. Not just in massive lost productivity and cost to remediate but now there are legislative fees and requirements imposed for most breaches.

2FA is Cool!

There is something I do that makes me feel like James Bond, 007 himself when it comes to security and secret codes. That’s Two Factor Authentication or 2FA. OK, yes, I’m a nerd but still, it’s pretty cool and it REALLY improves your security!

Two Factor (sometimes called Multifactor) means logging into a system with 2 or more things.

YOU are under attack!

Yes, you really are!

Right here in Palm Beach County, we see countless scams and attempted attacks being blocked every… single… day. And we are seeing a lot more targeted attacks. That means they pick people just like you and actively go after them.

InfoStream Behind the Scenes

Let’s do something different. I’m not going to talk about tech news, security alerts or even the fun tools and tricks stuff. I want to give a quick peek behind our digital curtain and share something about our team and our clients.

I’ve always been super aware and thankful that I work with an amazing set of people.

Labor Day Baby

InfoStream is proud to welcome baby Brayden Drimalas, son of our Engineer, Chris and his wife, Genna. Genna gave birth to Brayden this past Labor Day.

Baby Brayden came into this world nine days early on September 3rd at 11:07 am. He weighed in at 6 pounds, 8_ounces; length 18.5 inches.

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