Keep Eyes On The Road And Your Hands On The Wheel

It is now illegal in Florida to text while you are driving, however, there are other ways to send a text without breaking the law, and still keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

If you absolutely have to send a text message, or check through your phone, the safest thing to do, is still to pull over into a gas station or a parking area.

City of Riviera Beach Data Hack

This is a report about a cyber security hack which happened to the City of Riviera Beach. Their data was hacked and a ransom was paid in order to get that data back. This happens all the time, to companies right here in our area, who are just not taking the necessary action to protect themselves.

FITNESS APPS – are they really good for you?

Having health and wellness apps on your smart phone can make it easier for you by logging workouts and meals, but, warn the IT experts, this very technology which is contributing to your fitness goals being achieved, could also be sabotaging you. WPTV looked into the issue this week.

Florida Elections Hacking

Mystery remains over the identity of the two Florida County election offices hacked in 2016.

Two County officials, Palm Beach and Martin County, have confirmed that in the months leading up to the Presidential elections, their systems were not hacked.

7 Hot Tips for Managers & Owners to Oversee IT

Would you give just anyone free reign over all your money, credit cards, bank accounts and retirement funds? No! Of course not!

Yet, SO many firms let anyone manage their IT. Which would be worse, having your checking account emptied by an incompetent bookkeeper or permanently losing all your firm’s data and being completely unable to work? Either way, a bad IT person can literally bankrupt a firm.