It was an insider!

Guess what is the biggest vulnerability in your entire, sophisticated, computer network? It’s not the firewall. It’s not the Wi-Fi. It’s not even missed patches, passwords or protocols. It’s the people in front of the keyboards! Yup… employees are the biggest threat!

Imagine your network is like Fort Knox.

2FA is Cool!

There is something I do that makes me feel like James Bond, 007 himself when it comes to security and secret codes. That’s Two Factor Authentication or 2FA. OK, yes, I’m a nerd but still, it’s pretty cool and it REALLY improves your security!

Two Factor (sometimes called Multifactor) means logging into a system with 2 or more things.

YOU are under attack!

Yes, you really are!

Right here in Palm Beach County, we see countless scams and attempted attacks being blocked every… single… day. And we are seeing a lot more targeted attacks. That means they pick people just like you and actively go after them.

Dangers of Public Wifi

Absolutely NOTHING should distract you from protecting your personal information.

We’ve just had Thanksgiving week and that means one thing for sure: people were distracted.

Priorities like traveling, buying the turkey, and tackling Black Friday may put protecting one’s personal data on a back burner.

Gold! Free Security Checklist

Never before has security been as important as it is right now. We are seeing a huge uptake in actual breaches right here in our area. The bad guys are getting much better and the good guys are simply falling further behind. The financial damages, the loss of reputation, company operations being completely blocked and virtually every firm is under constant attack.

Lake Worth Utilities data breach

Would you know what to do in a Credit Card Security Breach?

Following an announcement by the City of Lake Worth that the third party vendor the city uses to handle all online utility payments, had suffered a potential data breach, customers are beginning to report fraudulent charges on the bank accounts they had used when paying their utility bills

One utility client said she had a $40 charge for an Uber ride, yet she hadn’t take an Uber in a year.