What to do in a Credit Card Security Breach

CardIt seems like every day there is a huge credit card breach at a major company and your credit card is at risk.  What can you do to keep your credit card (and your money) safe?  What should you do after a breach?  This checklist is a flash briefing of some of the things you should know.  As always, consult an expert for your specific situation. Our flash checklists are designed to give you the quick and easy overview of what you need to know.  This checklist discusses the use of debit cards, cash, security monitoring and what you should do when a company you use has had a breach.  We do have other flash checklists so feel free to browse the site for more information on other topics. To get a free copy of our credit card breach action checklist, fill out the form below and we will immediately mail you a copy.  Be SURE to check your SPAM folder!  As always, if we can help, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Credit Card Checklist

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