Wake Of Windows XP

Wake Of Windows XP

So, with Windows XP and Office 2003 having been on life support for the last couple of years, Microsoft has finally decided the time has come to let them go. I was recently asked to eulogize their passing, and thought it would be nice to share my thoughts with those of you not able to make it to that gathering.

Sad Parting!

In other news that is quite frankly, devastating, we regret to announce, that Javier is leaving us and relocating to Dallas Fort Worth. You have experienced his excellent skills and he has certainly solved many an “unsolvable” situation.

InfoStream is growing!

We’ve been absolutely inundated and our engineers have been stretched every which way, coping with demand while still striving to provide the very best of service and results. Changes are coming for 2014 and we are adding to our staff! We want to shorten our response times and give more value at every turn and this is a major step toward reaching even higher goals! We’ve been searching far and wide for another great engineer to enable us to respond even quicker to you all, and we have finally found her – let us introduce Molly Hoard who is joining us on January 13th.

Tailoring Your IT Solution to Your Business

The technology industry is vast and complex, and within it are numerous programs and software with different uses and benefits. So it stands to reason that there exists at least one program that can make your business actions, run more smoothly. The only trouble is finding out which program really suits your company, and then finding out how to integrate it into the day-to-day running of your business.

How an IT Consultation Will Help Your Business Achieve Its Full Potential

Making your business work to the best of its abilities requires many factors to combine in order to create a well-oiled, efficient machine. You can have a large, loyal client base, the best staff and the best knowledge in the industry but in the modern world, if you don’t have the latest computer network and system security you’ll never reach the highest standard you can as a business.

Network Security – As Important As Your Client Base

Every business owner knows how important a loyal client base is to a company’s success – if you don’t have one, your business doesn’t survive. For your clients to be loyal and to trust you, they have to see that you’re doing everything in your power to protect them when they buy your products or services, and in this day and age of internet shopping and online databases, the security of your network is paramount to keeping your customers protected.

Why Updating Your Computer Network is good for Your Business

As technology improves and develops, the software we use becomes even more well-adapted and even better at doing the jobs we need it to do. This means that as we use these technologies within our businesses, we’re able to do a better job than ever before, we can serve our clients better than ever before and it also means that we get to focus on the really important parts of running a business.