What Keeps You up at Night?

Are you aware of the top risks your business is facing?

The threat of their business crumbling or being interrupted is the likely response you will get when asking the owners of most small business, just what keeps them awake at night in addition, the loss of a trusted member of staff, a lawsuit or unexpected financial worries also rate high on the insomnia list.

Lake Worth Utilities data breach

Following an announcement by the City of Lake Worth that the third party vendor the city uses to handle all online utility payments, had suffered a potential data breach, customers are beginning to report fraudulent charges on the bank accounts they had used when paying their utility bills

One utility client said she had a $40 charge for an Uber ride, yet she hadn’t take an Uber in a year.

Tracing Gun Sales vs. Right to Privacy

Banks and Credit Card Companies already track our trips to the grocery store, restaurants and gas stations but a preliminary plan to track gun sales goes much further.

It combines two very contentious topics: privacy issues and gun control.

Taking your office desktop with you

We live in a world where everything is at our fingertips. Cell phones and tablets mean we have our address books, email, calendars, and even data with us always. One of the most requested features is to be able to access the office from offsite and work on data and information without coming in to the office.