8 tech trends that you need to be ready for

December is a month when many of us take time to plan for the year ahead.
But instead of looking at your forecasts for the next 12 months, we’d like you to think about what’s coming up over the next decade. Will you keep up? Will you choose the right tech? Here’s our guide to the 8 tech trends that your business needs to be ready for.

How To: Converting Hyper-V Generation 1 to Generation 2

Starting in 2007, Microsoft, AMD, Intel, and top-tier PC manufacturers have adopted UEFI as the standard BIOS model. This new standard is applicable to the entire industry and is supported by the Unified Extended Firmware Interface Forum.

As Operating Systems become obsolete and unsupported, many businesses are faced with the challenge to upgrade existing infrastructure and operating systems.

Phone porting leads to stolen identity and bank funds


We’ve all bought a new cell phone and wanted to keep our number. The process is called porting and it could leave you open to being hacked.

If a hacker can port your number to a different phone, that could wreak havoc on all the important information you keep on your phone including bank account log-ins.