Using Malwarebytes to rid your PC of spyware and other junk!

Ask anyone involved in the IT field what their favorite spyware removal tool is, and you should unanimously hear the word “Malwarebytes.” Malwarebytes, referred to as MBAM quite a bit in the field, is quite possibly the most popular reactive spyware program available. Yes, you heard right, I called it “reactive.” Reactive applications like Malwarebytes are generally run when someone thinks their computer might be infected; this is unlike your regular antivirus solution which runs in real-time, scanning every document you open and every link you click on. Even the best antivirus solutions will miss something every once in a while, and that’s where programs like Malwarebytes come in to play.

Downloading and running MBAM is easy! The best place to download it is directly from their site, located at Download and run the installer, then let it automatically update its definitions so that the software is up to date and can catch the latest spyware out there.

Once installed, it’s generally best to just run a Quick Scan if you are just trying to see if the PC is free from infection. If it does find a couple of things, click on “Remove Selected” and it will remove the items, generally asking for a reboot when done. If you find a bunch of stuff, run a long scan, and see where you go from there.

If you still feel something may be up with your computer, remember you can always give the experts at Infostream a shout for help!

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