Hot off the press… Cool Office tricks and tips!

Hot off the press… Cool Office tricks and tips!

We just posted another batch of free training videos and exciting tips and tricks!

These are for the most popular Office programs like Word, Excel, Teams, etc.  The last batch was super popular so we made more.

You can get the summary page here:  Tips and Tricks Videos  (

Or jump right to your favorite or most used program here:

Just a few of the powerful tips:

  • Make everyone look like they are all in the same room in a Teams meeting
  • Insert large chunks of text in Word with one click.
  • Swap rows into columns and visa versa in Excel
  • Change your pointer and grab attention in PowerPoint
  • Send the fonts you used in a Word document with the document
  • Creating a drop-down list to select from in Excel.

Tons more.  These can REALLY boost your productivity, make work a lot easier and make YOU look better!