Time to get your faxes into the cloud

We’ve talked about the many different cloud services available, however, one business function has been largely left behind when it comes to cloud services and this is the fax machine. Once a crucial instrument of business communication, it’s usefulness was largely diminished when email took over.

Google vs Microsoft, who rules the cloud?

The cloud and programs based in the cloud are a popular tech trend, with many companies introducing services and programs with features that use them. One of the most seemingly natural fits with the cloud are office communication and productivity suites.

Coming soon to the Internet: regulation?

Over the past year, governments around the world have been taking an ever more aggressive stance on the Internet and the regulation of it. Some want to regulate it to a point where it will be hardly recognizable to the Internet of today, while others want to introduce laws that will make it easier for police and similar bodies to track citizens.

Get ideas airborne with crowdfunding

The Internet is always changing, websites come and go and every now and then a popular idea comes along that clicks with netizens and takes off like wildfire. One such idea is perfect for these times of tough economies, when businesses and entrepreneurs are struggling to find funding for their projects and ideas.

Five reputation damaging tweets

It used to be that when a company spokesperson made a gaffe it was usually in person, and observed by a limited number of people. Now it seems that the majority of gaffes made have been on Twitter. These mistakes can spell disaster for any company, and can be even more deadly for small businesses, who may not recover.

Where did that toolbar come from?

A common complaint from many users is that surfing the Internet takes so long loading pages. Gone are the days where the culprit was the slow Internet connections. There are still many possible reasons for being forced to wait on pages to load, and not all of them are under your control.

Cloud terminology that floats you away

With the recent launch of Google Drive, Microsoft’s update to SkyDrive and numerous mobile devices launching in the next few months with cloud storage apps included, the cloud is most likely 2012’s hottest tech trend. With what seems like every technical company offering a cloud service, there’s been a large amount of confusing technobabble floating around.

What is gamification? How do I use it?

If you’ve ever observed people playing any sort of game, you probably noticed how involved the players with the game are. Why do players get so into the game? Competition and the desire to achieve established goals. There’s a Web trend emerging of companies using these game elements to drive engagement and customer buy-in.

Businesses + Social Media = New Map

A rising trend these days is the integration of a company’s Web based marketing – social media and online presence – with their physical operations. As such, many programs have been introduced with the goal of giving businesses a chance to get their name out there.