“Completely Random Accessories and Programs” on your computer

appsDoes this sound like you? You've got a new computer and are getting weird pop up software running every time you boot your computer. OR You've had your computer for a while and now have 6 different toolbars when you open up Internet Explorer. You're screaming fast computer takes forever to open up any program. If so, then here's a program that might help with general clean-up, and speed up.

PCDecrapifier is a free, downloadable program that will identify a lot of unnecessary "crap" software on your computer and provide options to uninstall or keep the software you need. Be sure to review the list and un-check any software you actually want to keep on the list. It will find software that MOST people don't want, but everybody is different.

Head over to http://pcdecrapifier.com/ to read more about it, or to download it.

If you need any assistance, feel free to send us an email.

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