How well do you know your network?

You've worked with it for years. You know more about it than you do about your favorite pet. But do you really know your network? How many user accounts do you have that are no longer in use? Do you know how many times you've installed your licensed software? Have you recently looked into those errors on your workstations?

Sometimes all of those little details can seem overwhelming. But there is good news. InfoStream can help. We are offering a full scan of your network. In addition to answering all of the above questions, it will also detail any security and distribution groups you have, identify security concerns such as weak passwords on workstations and workstations with open ports. After running the scan we review it and bring any major issues to your direct attention for easy action.

InfoStream is offering this package to you for only $450.00. However, if you are one of our Worry Free partners we include that as part of the packaged services.

If you have any questions about signing up for a network scan, or about our Worry Free package, you can contact InfoStream here.