Free Online Marketing for Businesses

As the internet becomes increasingly more important for marketing purposes it is important to take full advantage of every free marketing tool available to your business. There are a variety of ways to increase website traffic and in turn increase the volume of products or services sold. Spreading the word about a business through social media, blogs, and a variety of other methods is an effective way to market for free.

Free Online Marketing through Social Media

Social media websites including Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter are all excellent examples of free marketing tools. Sign up for each of these sites and create an account for your business that is regularly updated with promotions, discounts, photographs, and other relevant industry content. Be sure to link all of these accounts to your main website and encourage loyal customers to “like” your page or follow your feed in order to increase exposure. Try offering a special discount to new customers who do the same. It is important to regularly update posts and encourage customers to comment on those posts so they appear for more users.

Free Online Marketing through Blogs

Much like social media, blogs are a great way to connect with customers on a personal level and increase exposure to your business. Be sure to write a blog with content about more than just discounts and promotions. For instance, if you sell jewelry then also write about the history of a certain gem or where it is most often found. Blogs can also be connected to your website as well as all of your social media pages. Potential customers who read a well-written blog with compelling content will be drawn to visit your website. If you have employees then allow them to write guest blog posts on the company blog for a bit of variety.

Other Tips to Improve Online Marketing

Along with the two aforementioned tips, there are many other ways to utilize free marketing tools online. For instance, encourage customers to review your business and offer an incentive such as a free sample or discount when they do. More reviews will increase the hierarchy of your business on a search engine results page. It is also helpful to advertise online through other local merchants such as newspapers or comparable businesses. Create networking connections and try trading advertising space with another business. Finally, ask other local bloggers to visit your business then write about their experience. It is a good idea to offer an incentive to them as well.