Business Shield

Business Shield

What would be the single most devastating loss that could hit your business? Bankrupt you, or put you out of a job? For most it would be losing your most valuable asset – your data.
Ironically, most firms are on the blissfully unaware they are on the edge of disaster. They swear up and down they are safe and when we come in to check, it’s enough to make your heart skip a few beats. And those are the lucky ones!

We regularly get “That” call. A firm calls us that has been completely dead in the water for days. They are in full on panic mode. The server crashed (they always do at some point), and their IT person still hasn’t been able to retrieve their data. But by the time we get those calls it’s too late. Those are the questions and the TESTS they should have done before they lost everything. It’s a bit like checking your parachute after you have jumped out of the plane. We LOVE helping people, so it’s heartbreaking to tell them there is nothing we can do at that point.

93% of firms that lost data for 10 or more days filed bankruptcy within one year”
- National Archives & Records Administration in Washington

We have been working (for literally years!) on a bundled solution that does everything on our wish list. Shouldn’t have been that hard but every avenue we went down had some major drawbacks or costs a fortune. But after a ridiculous amount of behind the scenes work, we finally have it! We call it InfoStream’s Worry-Free Business Shield.

Just some of our “deal breakers” that we HAD to have in the solution:

  • Multiple local (onsite) backups on redundant inexpensive devices
  • Continually replicate EVERYTHING to the cloud. Not just select raw data (worthless)
  • The ability for us to personally check both the local and cloud backups every day
  • MUCH faster backup (and thus recovery in a crisis)
  • The ability to bring the full server up in the cloud even if the business burns to the ground!
  • Include all monitoring, maintenance, upgrades, even hardware and replacements!… everything.
  • Had to allow for lots of data and lots of growth! Even if we have to eat the costs of more storage.
  • We want it ALL but it HAS to be inexpensive so people DO it.
  • We finally have it. Flat rate. Sleep at night. We have you back.

If you would like a flyer or to discuss, please call 561-968-0046 or email Alan at [email protected]

You wouldn’t jump out of a plane without trusting your parachute, please don’t assume your data is safe.