A rewarding relationship

A rewarding relationship


Did you know that one of the things which gives us enormous pleasure, is handing over $200 cash to any client who refers us to another firm, when they ultimately become a client?

We’ve given away lots of these referral gifts and would love to give out even more.

It’s quite surprising the number of firms who don’t like their IT firm, find them indifferent or unreliable, yet do nothing about changing as fear of the upheaval is strong.

Our mission is to help and make the transition to Infostream as effortless, seamless and easy as possible PLUS we want to reward our friends and partners for referring us.

Few people realize that IT is probably the only professional where the people who come out to ‘fix’ your computer/network or worse, keep your data safe, do not have to be licensed or certified, do not have to undergo continual education to keep up to date with all the latest twists and turns in their industry. Surprising isn’t it?

Most business owners are paranoid about who has access to their bank account, but don’t give a moment’s thought to whether the guy handling their data, actually knows what he is doing.

Quite frightening.

If you know of a firm, maybe one of your clients, who might benefit from our help, then let us reward you for putting them in touch with us.

There is no limit to the number of times we’ll say thank you – we’ll give you $200 for every single firm you refer, who becomes a client. A bit like playing Monopoly – every single time you pass go you collect $200.

free gift for you

Even just imagining the worst-case scenario of thinking one’s IT firm were making sure your data was backed up, only it wasn’t is a nightmare. In most cases, total loss of data can be terminal to a lot of businesses and result in bankruptcy. All because trust was put in the wrong hands.

Infostream is there for YOU and for any clients you refer to us.