InfoStream Behind the Scenes

InfoStream Behind the Scenes

Let’s do something different. I’m not going to talk about tech news, security alerts or even the fun tools and tricks stuff. I want to give a quick peek behind our digital curtain and share something about our team and our clients.

I’ve always been super aware and thankful that I work with an amazing set of people. It’s hard to find “tech” people who are not only extreme experts but who can also communicate well. And if I find those two things, it’s almost too much to ask to get a strong work ethic as well. Yet, in an industry with ridiculously low unemployment, somehow we have the dream team of IT.

It’s brutal to find top talent with those key traits given an unemployment rate below 3% for engineers. I even use TWO professional headhunters to scour the earth for candidates. Everyone in the industry bemoans this as perhaps their single biggest challenge.

And if I wasn’t already lucky enough, somehow we have this amazingly awesome admin team. I can honestly say there isn’t even one person who isn’t a superstar. I see how much they genuinely care about our clients. They know about our client's professional struggles, opportunities and breaking news. They know about their personal lives, joke with them and call them friends. I’ve seen them go far above and beyond to help them, fight for them and be there for them, so much so, it still shocks me when I see it.

IT Support tends to be very challenging. It’s mentally demanding, the work is not steady, it can be dead one day and so full of emergencies the next you have a hard time even prioritizing. We see people extremely excited and extremely stressed out. We literally get people crying on the phone and those who want to hug us.

So why this article now? We just were going thru one of those extremely busy peaks, sprinkled in with emergencies, stress and chaos, and even in the middle of the storm, I saw members of the team coordinating with each other, backing each other up, making SURE the clients were the top priority… it was impressive for me to pull back from the fog of war and see the battlefield as a whole. Like some kind of elite combat team covering each other and getting the mission done.

I’ve always bragged about our clients. For most of the lifespan of InfoStream, we have been so busy that we have been lucky enough to be very selective. We get to pick who we want to work with and who we don’t. The big perk of picking and choosing clients is that we get to work with the very best of the very best. Amazing firms and even more amazing people. This makes it easy to want to help them succeed.

So while we have always been lucky enough to have a fantastic team, right now we have the 1972 Dolphins or perhaps the 1927 Yankees dream team. Perhaps no one will care about this any more than listening to a new parent bragging about their baby rolling over in the crib on their own – but I can’t help but be proud and impressed.