2019 – The year of crippling attacks…

2019 – The year of crippling attacks…

If you aren’t improving security, you REALLY should be.

Attacks on small and medium business have skyrocketed in 2018. The damage caused in each attack has become worse. It is extremely expensive to be hacked. Not just in massive lost productivity and cost to remediate but now there are legislative fees and requirements imposed for most breaches.

2019 it is likely to continue getting even worse

When the law says you must disclose a breach to everyone remotely effected, it hurts your reputation and can result in lawsuits that just add insult to injury.

Sadly, the bad guys are getting better faster than the good guys can compensate. So what do you do??? Two things you can do right now that make a huge difference!

One: Just reviewing security and asking questions is HUGE! Don’t ignore security until it’s too late. Prevention is a lot less painful than recovering from a crippling situation.

Two: EVERY little bit helps! There are tons of low hanging fruit that can make a huge improvement for little to no cost at all. We recommend picking a few things to improve and reviewing and picking a few more every 6 months.

You don’t have to be a fortress. But the bad guys tend not to pick the hardest house to break into on the block.

Want a cool checklist to help you think about areas of security you can choose from to improve? Get our free security checklist download here: <a href="www.infostream.cc\security" target="

Anything is better than doing nothing!