How To Change Computer Firms: 6 Tips

How To Change Computer Firms: 6 Tips


It’s just not working out. It’s not you… it’s them.

It’s time to change computer support firms. But how?

Tip #1: 80% of it is just making the decisions to DO it. Not debate, not give them their 37th chance, not keep kicking the can down the road… Just do it.

It’s not fun to fire someone (unless they are really making your life miserable, then it might be a little fun). No one wants to spend time away from their “real job” to change firms. And it’s a bit risky and scary.

But look at the problems you are having. Has it gotten to the point you are really ready to pull the trigger? Going back and forth mentally is torture but ironically, once you firmly decide it’s time for a change… NOW… it actually gets easier.

So how do you do it?

Tip #2: Don’t believe the new firm. Get references/testimonials!

Every firm not only tells you they are the best, they believe it! They all think they are unique and special. Maybe they tell you they have the best service. Maybe they tell you they have the best systems. Maybe they tell you they are the smartest. But if you want the secret to knowing if they are good, Get (1) a LOT of references from (2) actual clients (3) and NOT recent clients. Get clients they have worked with for 10 years, 20 years. Who have been there for them, fiercely loyal in good times and in rough times.

Then you will KNOW if they are super-fast. Loyal. Helpful. Will have your back. Make your life easier and better. Be the partner you deserve!

Tip #3: Do not fire the old firm right away.

You may REALLY be looking forward to firing them. You may be mad at them right now. But don’t fire them yet.

Talk to the new firm. Have a plan of action and timing. Make sure you have all the passwords and documentation you can possibly get. Allow the new firm to get up to speed and make sure they are ready to hit the ground running.

Tip #4: Be covert. Don’t set off any alarm bells.

When we are asked to take over from another IT firm, we are very careful not to set off any alarms. We don’t change anything or leave “our signature” anywhere. We aggressively gather notes, passwords, documentation and have a plan for how we will take you on, as pain free and smoothly as possible. Once we are ready to go, we let you know. But even then, it is a good idea to keep communication channels open with the old firm in case a password or some detail is needed.

Most firms are professional and won’t do anything rash even when you fire them. A decent firm will share documentation and make the transition go well. There are however firms that will lock you out, cut off services or do who knows what, but that is manageable with a little planning.

Tip #5: Don’t forget the fundamentals.

A little proactive work saves a lot of headaches. Be sure to check things like when licenses expire and need to be renewed. Do you know? Can the new IT firm help you make a list of what to check?
The biggie: Backups! Who is checking backups? Are they ROCK solid amazing reliable?

Is there anything that needs to be reviewed or fixed? All patched up? No issues?

What about the reason you fired them? Is there an active problem or headache that needs to go away?

Tip #6: The right firm can make this SO smooth you will wish you did it earlier!

When firms have transitioned to use InfoStream, they have often been ready and wanting to change firms for a very long time but were afraid of the pain or hard work.

But this is our groove! We love to make it easy for them. We want to shock them with how much happier they are after the change. And how easy it was. We do all the heavy lifting, fix the pain points and want to be the best partners in success, they have every had by far.

A good partner wants to make your job easier, happier, and smoother! If we did it right, your only regret will be that you didn’t do it a lot sooner.