What is spoofed Wi-Fi?

What is spoofed Wi-Fi?

What is spoofed Wi-Fi?

Stop – and think – before you connect to any public Wi-Fi spot.

When you’re out and about, it’s easy to connect to a business’s Wi-Fi without a second thought.

But the fact is, public Wi-Fi is a prime target for attackers.

Cyber-criminals create spoofed Wi-Fi access points that look like the real deal. Which is why so many people get caught by this type of attack.

They sit between you and the internet. So they get a copy of all the data you’re sending from your device.

You’ll potentially give attackers usernames, passwords, and maybe even credit card details.

It’s so lucrative, that it’s estimated up to a quarter of all public hotspots are spoofs.

Good news – there are ways to prevent any data from being stolen.

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