Why The Cloud Has Become the Safest Place For West Palm Businesses To Store Data

Why The Cloud Has Become the Safest Place For West Palm Businesses To Store Data

Storing sensitive data has always been a primary concern for West Palm Beach businesses, and there have been constant improvements to keeping data safe. The most recent developments have resulted in the transition of most companies and their information and data onto a cloud-based storage system. Cloud storage has been constantly improved and updated in order to make them safe and to keep all the data for each company safe.

What is Cloud Storage?

Traditionally information from both companies and their customers was stored on the onsite servers and computers, with the hard drives storing the majority. However, technology developments have led to this becoming less common and more storage being moved to cloud storage. So before you purchase your next server, consider calling us for an IT consultation in West Palm Beach so that we can help you make an informed decision.

Cloud storage is accessible from any computer or device from West Palm beach, to Daytona Beach. Users that have the appropriate login credentials can access the information from anywhere in the world. Once it has been uploaded, it remains on the cloud servers, which are not located onsite and are inaccessible physically to anyone without special clearance. Cloud servers are the property of the cloud providers and the companies that own and manage them, and all physical maintenance is provided.

By removing the physical storage devices from local West Palm Beach offices and buildings of the companies directly, they can access storage amounts that are greater than they could have onsite, faster website speeds, and all processes will be at the highest quality and fastest speeds possible. Moreover, the upgrading and maintenance fall on the providers rather than the company owners, and data can be encrypted and protected through a better online security system.

Is It Safe For West Palm Beach Businesses?

While storing information on hard drives, local servers, and computers left them open to anyone who was in the building, using cloud storage removes that. As a result, information could have easily been transferred from computer to computer, flash drives were used to copy information and take it home, and anyone who had access to one area of the computer systems could find ways to access the information they were not intended to access.

Security measures for those devices have continued to improve over the years; however, they are not as easy to protect as some other forms. Cloud storage is at the forefront of cybersecurity and is protected by the most advanced companies and software. The competition within the space has fueled new developments and ongoing improvements for several years, and as they are at the forefront of technology, they are able to institute the newest methods quickly and efficiently.

Where local storage for businesses in West Palm Beach was limited by the security systems that the company employees could run, using cloud storage ensures that there are groups of cybersecurity professionals protecting the data and restricting access to it. These are more advanced methods than can be offered locally in small businesses and computers. The costs associated with such strict security would be out of reach for many small businesses to maintain on their own but is widely available and included within their agreements cloud storage.