Cooperative Computing

Here's a scenarios most of us have faced. Somebody has asked a question about their computer, about how a specific file should be formatted, or how to configure a setting on the OS. You are in a different location, and you would be able to help them if only you could see their screen.

Movie Quote Challenge!

Here's a little challenge to stimulate the brain cells. The following quotes are from various movies. To give you a little help, we've given you the year of the movie's release. They all have something to do with computers and technology. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify both the name of the movie, and the person who said the line.

Speed Up Your Computer

Everybody knows this story. You got your shiny new computer and loved how fast it moved. Time passes, and it's not so exciting and new anymore, and it is super slow. Several factors can contribute to this. One of the problems is fragmentation of the hard drive.

Want more business? More attention?

Strangely enough, in our little computer consulting world, we have found ourselves helping clients get a lot more attention, clients and action from the web lately. While we are not marketing or web experts, we have become pretty adept at helping people get a lot more action and even having fun doing it.