InfoStream is turning 20!

What’s even more awesome is that we still work with the clients we met all the way back then. We’ve seen firms go from small to huge. We’ve seen disasters turn into well-oiled machines. And boy have we seen technology change!

In 1994, Microsoft JUST release Windows 3.11 and around the same time a new DOS 6.22 came out.

Want an awesome phone system?!?

I’ve seen the coolest thing!!

I know you have heard of VoIP phone service and you are starting to hear “Cloud” everywhere. A partner of ours recently started deploying the coolest VoIP phone systems hosted in the cloud.

It lets your workers become mobile and brings your mobile and remote workers together, lets your employees use their own iPad, mobile phone or laptop for voice calls from anywhere they have internet access and of course your office workers get beautiful desktop phone that work together with their mobile devices.

Type of Malware Explained

Laptops, desktops, and even smartphones are exposed continuously in front of various malicious programs which are aimed at causing different types of damage to the system. Such types of nasty programs are in general called malware. Malicious software (or in short malware) may be any kind of software which may be harmful for your PC. Listed below are some of the most general types of malware which you should watch out for.

Wake Of Windows XP

So, with Windows XP and Office 2003 having been on life support for the last couple of years, Microsoft has finally decided the time has come to let them go. I was recently asked to eulogize their passing, and thought it would be nice to share my thoughts with those of you not able to make it to that gathering.

Sad Parting!

In other news that is quite frankly, devastating, we regret to announce, that Javier is leaving us and relocating to Dallas Fort Worth. You have experienced his excellent skills and he has certainly solved many an “unsolvable” situation.