A backup for your Internet connection? Yes, you should have that too!

internetSo you've been prudent about getting your business continuity plans set up. You have all your servers set up with image based backups, you have moved your mail to the cloud with a service such as Office 365, you even have critical files stored in the cloud with a file based cloud backup service. What now, are you all set? Well, the answer is how much do you depend on your Internet connection? Read on…

Even the best Internet provider has hiccups and service outages now and then; service interruptions occur regularly for any number of reasons. No Internet means no connection to your cloud; you have now lost access to all of your redundant cloud services because there is a single point of failure, your Internet connection.

Obtaining a second Internet connection is easy and a relatively low monthly cost depending on the available options. A surefire combination in our service area is a cable connection as your primary connection, and an inexpensive DSL connection as your secondary (backup connection). If your cable connection goes down your DSL connection will take right over until your primary connection comes back online. The other item your firm will need is a router such as a SonicWall with the Dual WAN connectivity option. Many of our clients already have one of these SonicWall routers in place, so a second Internet connection will be all they need!

If you are interested in setting up a redundant Internet connection in your office, or have questions about the benefits, please feel free to contact us at any time! We are always glad to help.