Know what your computer registry actually is:

Fundamentally, the computer registry is one area which stores data that is related to your software and hardware. As the time passes, it gets messed up and needs cleaning. But as it tends to be very sensitive,cleaning it manually may cause plenty of problems.

Select Registry Cleansers With Backups!

The majority of registry cleaners do not have any option to back-up your registry. This simply means that if at any moment anything goes wrong, it is not possible for you to restore things as they used to be. You can save yourself from this problem in the future if you have a back-up .

Select Registry Cleaners Which Optimize Your Desktop.

This may be done in several ways. Some cleaners enhance windows in several ways, some enhance your memory usage while others may optimize your browser.

Manage and Clean Start-up Items

Basically, start-up items are the programs which your desktop runs when you boot it for the first time. You may need and want a few among these, but there may be others which you may not even know are running on your desktop!

Plenty of resources can be saved if you are able to manage and clean them in the proper way. This will also greatly increase the speed of your PC.

Scan For Spyware As Well As Adware.

In general, registry cleaners don't have such functions, but there are plenty of spyware and adware cleaners in the market.

It is necessary to perform this task along with registry cleaning because it will help you eliminate other programs which also are slowing down your computer.

Scan and Eliminate Viruses From Your Desktop

Having got that right, it is a good thing to clean your registry, but in order to get even better results, you should try to keep your PC free from viruses. If you are able to do this, you will soon realize that your computer is booting pretty fast once again, just as it was when you purchased it brand new!

Select a Registry Cleaner With A Simple Interface

Some registry cleaners may be full of features, but tend to have an interface which is hard to use. Make sure you check out the interface of any cleaner you are considering so that you are able to utilize it to its optimum potential.