Type of Malware Explained

Type of Malware Explained

Laptops, desktops, and even smartphones are exposed continuously in front of various malicious programs which are aimed at causing different types of damage to the system. Such types of nasty programs are in general called malware. Malicious software (or in short malware) may be any kind of software which may be harmful for your PC. Listed below are some of the most general types of malware which you should watch out for.)

Trojans and Bots

An automated program that allows your desktop to be managed by other users is known as a Bot. Normally, this type of malicious software program infects multiple desktops that allow the sending of a large proportion of spam email messages.

While a Trojan also called Trojan Horse could be easily contracted using a normal file download or an email message, the software injects a so-called backdoor to your system which eventually makes it quite easily accessible to a number of unauthorized computer users.

Spyware And Adware

Usually spyware and adware programs get inside the computer system while you are surfing on the net. The chief goal of adware program is to open up net surfers to commercial advertisements. For instance, an adware program may cause your browser to direct towards a website which you did not intend visiting, or may cause the appearance of pop-up ads on your desktop. Normally, such types of malware programs are not that harmful to your computer, but its effect may prove to be quite annoying.

On the other hand, spyware as opposed to adware, can prove to be quite harmful. Spyware is responsible for stealing the data on your computer and sending it to a third party. Your financial or personal information, fax/telephone numbers, passwords, bank account details can be stolen using spyware. The program also has the ability to collect the data regarding your surfing habits at the same time. This can include details about the files you download or even the sites you regularly visit.


This kind of malicious program can be very harmful because it assists in executing the most dangerous online action i.e. identity theft. Everything a computer user types gets recorded by a Keylogger. The software enables cyber criminals to gain access to logins, passwords, codes used by users in order to access safe information and even bank account details.


Viruses are among most common malicious programs that have been around for a far longer period of time. Many decades ago, viruses were mainly distributed using physical media such as floppy disks. Today, they are distributed on the internet with the help of hidden email attachments or hidden documents. Such types of malware may be easily contracted at any moment you connect any kind of physical storage like flash memory sticks, MP3s, etc to your desktop. The effects can vary from small annoying troubles to more severe damages to hardware and files.

So it's very important to learn how to secure your desktop from the wide diversity of malicious software which could attack your computer at any moment.